Hi everyone! I'm back from my travels! Here's photographic evidence that I went somewhere fun.

oh and....

hi, i'm Jacky Tran. you may only meet one of us in your life, but you'll encounter many on Google, including this guy. let it be known we're not the same person.

interestingly enough, if you google "amish rave dj," this homepage you're reading now does land on the first page of search results. i'm sure the amish would find this equally unsettling (good thing they don't use the Internet).

other than corrupting youth at rumspringa i'm known to keep myself well-traveled, well-fed, and socially stimulated. i also like sharing tips on how to do that--on other people's publications (don't hold your breath for a Waxyjax travel/food p0rn blog). check out my writeups on travel and music site Cliktrips for Paris and Krakow. if you're looking for Paris tips from 2006 they can be found in a handful of listings in the Paris Section of the BlackBook List: Jet Set Edition 2007 The Best of Europe . I've also been dubbed a "Rehabilitation Specialist" for people who've given up on using sites like Yelp by my favorite food blog SeriousEats.

...or you can also follow my non-sequitors on twitter

i do many other things--making my own website look pretty is not one of them.

my latest project is developing my own production company--Quiz Bowl Productions. the site is under construction, but i am actually working on making it look nice

here's what i've done for other people though:

and i'm also not afraid to teeter on the fringes of the law for a good production...here are some highlights:

i've even dabbled in music. check out "The Ceasing Now" by Parts & Labor. the band selected samples submitted by their friends (or in my case, friends of friends) and a recording of me clipping my fingernails happened to make the cut (i just noticed the pun and i'm not gonna do anything about it). here's NPR's story on the album and sample concept behind it. my speaking voice has appeared on other tracks by other artists, but i don't like hearing myself speak and will therefore not share any further details here--sorry!

...i feel closer to you already.
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